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100% Organic.  100% Fair-Trade.  100% Local.

Hot Shots Java uses the highest quality coffee beans for all of our hand-crafted beverages.  Our beans come fresh from a local roaster and are exclusive to Hot Shots Java.  You won't find a better flavor or smoother taste anywhere else! 

Ethiopian Harrar

Our most popular brewed coffee.  Smooth, medium roast with nutty undertones.  Pefect for your daily morning pick-me-up.  Also available in decaf.



The darkest and most robust of our brewed coffees.  Perfect for coffee drinkers who prefer a stronger full flavored dark roast.


Espresso Blend

A custom blend of Kenyan, Sumatran, Colombian and Brazilian beans. Roasted to perfection to bring a full smooth flavor that all espresso fans will love. All of our hand-crafted espresso beverages are created using these beans. Also available in decaf.


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